Patient-Centered Care in Nursing Homes Via Nurse Practitioners.

HOPE Extended Care is a team of professional healthcare providers that improves the care and comfort of patients in long-term facilities. Our Certified & Registered Nurse Practitioners collaborate with medical staff to deliver timely, proactive treatment. HOPE’s daily presence eases transitions, manages chronic health conditions and reduces avoidable costs.

Nursing Homes Win

Expanded Patient Care | Fewer Hospital Readmissions | No Charge to the Facility

Physicians Win

Prompt, Efficient Follow-up | Greater Efficiency | Reduced Liability

Patients & Families Win

Greater Access to Healthcare | Improved Communication | Peace of Mind

Hospitals Win

Continuity Upon Discharge | Fewer 30-Day Readmissions | Decrease Unnecessary Costs

Medicare & Payers Win

Reduces Transport Frequency | Minimizes Emergency Services | Lowers Overall Treatment Costs

The Value of HOPE’s On-Site CRNPs

Certified & Registered Nurse Practitioners receive advanced education and clinical training to treat patients in many medical fields. In the long-term care setting, Nurse Practitioners are a valuable resource to administer timely attention to both chronic and acute conditions, including:



Monitoring Chronic Conditions

Monitoring Chronic Conditions

Treatment For Acute Illnesses or Injuries

Treatment For Acute Illnesses or Injuries

With experience in the traditional nursing roles, a CRNP is licensed to provide further treatment often associated with a physician. Examples include conducting exams, providing diagnosis, ordering lab tests, and issuing prescriptions.

Here’s What Long Term Care Customers are Saying About HOPE:

Avalon Springs Nursing Center

“In teaming with HOPE, we recently achieved our best patient-care survey results in over 50 years. The level of response and immediacy of care that our residents now receive, was impossible before HOPE.”

Nathaniel Hamilla, Campus Administrator
Avalon Springs Nursing Center

“I gain peace of mind knowing that a Hope Nurse Practitioner is collaborating with me in meeting the needs of my patients. Together we’re improving outcomes in long term care settings.”

A Western PA Physician & Medical Diector
The Hope Difference

The HOPE Difference

HOPE Extended Care was founded as a healthcare organization holding a Biblical worldview. Respect, Integrity and Excellence are the values we prioritize from our non-denominational, faith-based foundation. HOPE’s mission to serve seniors with effective healthcare is based on a calling to uphold the dignity of people in need…recognizing that all are created in God’s image. The gaps in our nation’s healthcare system are well documented. HOPE provides the missing structure to bridge multiple parties in the delivery of greater outcomes for both long-term care and temporary rehabilitation. Learn more